BetStone Engage Event


Betstone Engage Event BUSINESS EVOLUTION We generated a great brand experience aimed at casino owners and operators. We unveiled BetStone’s new “real-time gaming” platform and its extraordinary functionality called “player tracking” in addition to promoting the launch of the new cabinets with curved screens with 4K technology and a [...]

Banco Sabadell


Banco Sabadell MARKETING EVOLUTION We positioned Sabadell Bank through a wide-ranging advertising campaign and distribution strategy in ATL media, penetrating three communication channels: B2B and B2C Branding B2C Personal Banking B2B and B2C Private Banking We designed a campaign with high [...]

kotex School Tour


kotex School Tour PRECISION EVOLUTION Through an edutainment marketing, we accompanied girls in the most important moment of menarche to achieve the first contact and reference for feminine hygiene products. We also supported in their transition from girl to woman, building honest branding: Useful and durable with Kotex®. We create [...]

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