Project Description

Kia Blind Test Drive & Gourmet Experience


Within the framework of F1, we launched the new KIA Stinger, using the legendary Mexico City racetrack as a stage. Through a gourmet experience and a “blind test drive” without a brand,” the 50 VIP guests and 20 media persons were able to participate in an unprecedented occurrence, not only due to the majesty of the event but also because they could be challenged to carry out four different tests using emblematic vehicles such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes in conjunction with the KIA Stinger model (hitherto unbranded). In all the tests the KIA Stinger stood out well above the other models.

At the end of the tests, the brand, model, and prices of the two versions of the vehicle were unveiled in one of the racetrack pits, which caused an instant obsession. Between the tastings of fine wines, coffees and premium canapés, each participant’s attendance was recognized by giving everyone a custom pilot helmet, the creation of a recognized plastic artist, and various items from premium brands.

These customers were the first to enjoy the release of the 22 KIA Stinger GT Twin Turbo vehicles reserved on the waiting list (for 4 months), in Mexico.